Frequently Asked Questions

Diabetic test strips are an over-the-counter medical supply and therefore completely legal to sell to a third party without a prescription.

Why do the prices fluctuate?

Diabetic testing supplies are commodities and prices are set by the overall market. If you see a price go down, that typically means there are too many boxes out there with not enough demand from pharmacies.

Should I remove the pharmacy labels?

Please DO NOT remove any pharmacy labels on any of your items. You risk tearing the boxes and this would decrease your payout dramatically. We will black out personal information with a sharpie and remove all labels professionally.

Who Pays for Shipping?

We cover the shipping fee for the return labels. You can request a free pre-paid label to be mailed or emailed.

Can you email a shipping label?

Absolutely! Please select “Email Shipping Label” on the quote form.

What are the acceptable box conditions?

Boxes in these conditions we can accept at 50% as long as they are sealed: rips/non-blood stains with a total area smaller than a dime, slightly crushed boxes, partially obscured but still legible expiration dates, or expiration date 4-7 months.
Boxes that we cannot pay for are: boxes with any type of stains/marks, opened/unsealed boxes, boxes with rips with a total area bigger than a dime, any brand that isn’t on our price list, very smashed/crushed boxes, boxes with damage to the seal of the box, boxes that the expiration date is expired or set to expire within less than 4 months.

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